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Feb 26, 2013

Today's show:

  • Michael Forestieri
  • Orality Journal Vol 2 No. 1
  • Literacy, Orality and the Web

Bryan brings the sad announcement, at the start of the show, of the death of Michael Forestieri. On Wednesday last (20th February), shortly before 5pm, the master storyteller finished his earthly pilgrimage, dying of pancreatic cancer. Please keep his wife Jodi and daughter Kathryn in your prayers. See the links below to see Michael in action telling Bible stories and also teaching others how to do so.

In today's show, we continue our look at the Orality Journal Vol. 2 No. 1, and begin going through the first half of an article by Gilles Gravelle, director of Research and Innovation with The Seed Company. Join us next week for part two.

Links ... Michael Forestieri tells the story of Samuel's call ... Michael Forestieri teaches and tells the Birth of Isaac ...

Links from today's show ... The Seed Company web site ... SIL International web site

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