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Aug 26, 2014

Today's show:

  • A Kenyan missionary to the nations!
  • John shares his story about cross-cultural missions in Africa
  • How Oral Bible Schools are making disciples of oral learners

Bryan recently interviewed John from Kenya, who, together with his family has been ministering in Ethiopia for a number of years. He ran a test...

Aug 19, 2014

Today's show:

  • A dear saint who keeps going and "re-tiring" her life for mission
  • An instructor takes storytelling outside the workshop
  • Storytelling at a funeral

With the Irish weather taking a distinct nosedive, Bryan feels it is time to close the Summer Sessions. Real reason? He has some good interbiews to share....

Aug 12, 2014

Today's show:

  • Q&A feedback to Bruce Kuhn's presentation
  • Behind the scenes stuff about style and format
  • Why communicatung through story is so powerful

Bruce Kuhn, who has been with us through these last few weeks of storytelling in Acts of the Apostles, answers questions from attendees at his presentation and...

Aug 5, 2014

Today's show:

  • Summer Sessions in Acts
  • Bruce Kuhn tells the Acts of the Apostles
  • Stories of the Apostles

Bruce Kuhn, once Broadway actor and who now tours the globe doing solo shows of the Gospel of Luke, the Acts of the Apostles and other books, joins us on story4all to present the Book of Acts. This presentation...