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Feb 23, 2010


Today's show:

  • Getting over the humps in storytelling
  • Things that kill great intentions
  • Releasing a storytelling lifestyle
  • Avery update
  • Listener (audio) feedback

We begin a mini-series today on things that can impede storytelling in our lives - what stops us doing it! Today Bryan looks at "keeping on keeping on"...

Feb 16, 2010

Today's show:

  • Avery update
  • One family's journey in storytelling
  • Bryan talks to Vania

Today we begin a journey.  By popular request we will look at "one family's journey in storytelling". story4all listeners have asked that we explore various topics, but also wanted to hear the story of how Bryan's family has been...

Feb 9, 2010

Today's show:

  • Avery Willis' health update
  • Training opportunities coming up
  • MERGE conference

Links mentioned in the show:

  • Keep up with Avery Willis' journalling
  • Avery Willis' homepage
  • International Orality Network web site
  • Tell the Story CBS training book
  • STS training schedule 
  • 16-20 & 18-20 Simply the Story training...

Feb 2, 2010


Today's show:

  • What happens when your storytelling 'goes south'?!?
  • Bryan tells some stories of mishap and blank mind moments in storytelling and discusses how to continue

Links mentioned in the show:


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