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Apr 26, 2016

Today's show:

 • The oldest of seven siblings tells how her family discovers the power of story

 • A whole family learns storytelling for ministry

 • Using story at home and in ministry

Bryan interviews Lauren DeVries who is with him this week on his instructor team leading a workshop in Co. Wicklow in Ireland....

Apr 19, 2016

Today's show:

  • Digital and traditional flannelgraph resources
  • Free download for you this week
  • By Design Visuals update

Bryan updates show s4a403 with new resources produced by Jon Melin and team at By Design Visuals. Exciting new products available in a number of different languages with more on the way. 

And ... for...

Apr 12, 2016

Today's show:

  • World situation of literacy
  • How we communicate now
  • What would happen if we changed the way we wrap the package?

Bryan looks at the situation of those in today's world who cannot or prefer not to read and compares it with the way we make disciples today. How can we present the message of the Gospel...

Apr 5, 2016

Today's show:

 • Storytelling in Siberia

 • A workshop for Nenets and Khanty peoples and those reaching out to them

 • The shy and reserved discover their voice, and other stories!

Bryan is mobile in the Siberian tundra this week, starting in a city actually on the Arctic circle and ending out in villages remote...