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Hello to story4all podcast listeners!

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Jan 27, 2015

Today's show:

  • How one man down under in Australia is impacted by story
  • Taking story to the unreached and oral learners of Asia
  • A lawyer on a plane hears a story about the Judge of all the earth

Bryan steps aside in his role as interviewer to let his friend Dan introduce us to Tony (another friend) from Australia,...

Jan 20, 2015

Today's show:

  • Can oral learners be critical thinkers?
  • Even in deepest, darkest Africa?
  • A fun story from Kenya

Bryan raises the question as whether oral learners are able to citically think, study the Bible inductively and making rational deductions from the Scriptures. After some general comments and looking at...

Jan 13, 2015

Today's show:

  • 3 storytellers tell 4 stories
  • Genesis stories

Normally we do not have Bible stories themselves told on the show, but this week we thought we would share four stories from "the Beginning" for your listening pleasure this week. We trust that you will enjoy the different flavour of this podcast.


Jan 6, 2015

Today's show:

  • Discussing what it is that makes truth stick
  • The value of discussion
  • The Joy of Discovery

Bryan opens the year on story4all podcast looking at what it is that makes truth stick - the point we like to remind our listeners about each week! He speaks about the value there is in discussion and also the...