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Feb 27, 2007

Today's show:

  • Faith Comes By Hearing - Part 2
  • The second and final part to our interview with Int'l Director of FCBH, Morgan Jackson

Morgan continues telling stories from around the world from the ministry of Faith Comes By Hearing.

218 languages done, with a new language being finished every 5 days! "This year we...

Feb 20, 2007

Today's show:

  • Faith Comes By Hearing - Part 1.
  • An interview with Int'l Director of FCBH, Morgan Jackson

We have heard his stories on previous shows. Remember the Quechua story? Here he is in person talking to Bryan. Morgan tells about his childhood and the beginnings of the Faith Comes By Hearing ministry and the...

Feb 13, 2007

On today's show:

  • Gospel Recordings Network - long-time ministers to Oral Learners round the world!
  • An interview with USA Directors of Mobilisation, Guy & Jan Piersall and with Australia National Director Graydon Colville
  • Concludes with two exciting stories of GRN's storying ministry

Graydon, Guy and Jan talk with...

Feb 13, 2007


Please note: We have a new telephone number!

Our new telephone number is (206) 279-4705

This new number replaces our old number (seen at the foot of all the previous show notes below). We no longer have the use of the old telephone number and cannot access any messages...

Feb 6, 2007

On today's show:

  • Extraordinary and dynamic training module launched by The God's Story project
  • An interview with Dorothy Miller about Timothy Church Planting Training

Bryan caught up with Dorothy Miller to hear about the tremendous new training programme being set up to teach storying to oral learners so they can...