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Jul 29, 2008

Today's show:

  • Jim Bowman continues
  • Why is narrative theology important?
  • Reaching groups or family units over individuals only
  • A Hindu man comes to faith through personal healing/storying

Jim Bowman, from SIU, continues his talk on storying, and storying training, by looking at the importance of connecting with oral...

Jul 22, 2008

Today's show:

  • Storytelling by accident!
  • Jim Bowman tells his story
  • Reaching remote non-literates with the Gospel

Jim Bowman, director of Scriptures in Use, in the first of our International Orality Network conference addresses, tells the story of how he and his wife, Carla, began reaching out to the Tarahumara people...

Jul 15, 2008

Today's show:

  • Bryan talks to John Ragsdale
  • Stories about Trans World Radio reaching orals in Africa
  • "The Way of Righteousness" reaching Muslim peoples

John Ragsdale, of Trans World Radio, meets with Bryan to discuss the exciting work that TWR are doing in southern Africa, and how The Way of Righteousness programming...

Jul 8, 2008

Today's show:

  • Bryan talks to David Palusky
  • Audio & Visual Media resource for reaching oral people in remote places without running out of power!
  • People impacted by God in Peru and Atlanta

Meet David Palusky, an engineer who has used his gifts to produce innovative audio and visual equipment to solve a problem on the...

Jul 1, 2008

Today's show:

Bryan talks to storyteller, storytelling coach, workshop leader, actor, and locksmith, Don Falkos.

Join us today and hear a poignant story Don tells about church. He also talks about his life, calling and a workshop he developed to train others in the "8 levels of developing a Bible...