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Sep 30, 2014

Today's show:

  • Bill Bjoraker talks about storytelling training in Israel
  • And how he and others are working to impact academia with story
  • National Podcast Day today

Bill Bjoraker, who teaches part time in William Carey University and also is a missionary to Jewish people, joins us again on the show after his recent...

Sep 23, 2014

Today's show:

  • Meet Sam Poe and Share the Story!
  • The power of story in the Western context
  • Planting neighbourhood churches with story

Bryan talks with Sam Poe, who heads up Share the Story. Linked to the New Frontiers Network of churches, Sam has discovered the power of using story in a Western/American context. He...

Sep 16, 2014

Today's show:

  • A collection of organisations, sites and training opportunities
  • A go-to resource for finding Bible storytelling training for your need
  • Who is training who and for what?

This week we bring you a collection of organisations, among the many, who offer training events, workshops and other opportunities...

Sep 9, 2014

Today's show:

  • She escaped Vietnam on a boat aged 8
  • She struggled to reach her own people just over a decade later
  • The story about how storytelling changed impact among an oral people

Bryan recently met a dear woman of God from Asia, who tells her remarkable story, beginning with her escape on a boat to coming to...

Sep 2, 2014

Today's show:

  • Storytelling in all cultures and situations
  • An update from Andrea, storytelling in the nations
  • STS Int'l Director tells of the fun and impact from telling Bible stories

Bryan, recently on a trip to the STS HQ in California, had occasion to catch up with their International Director, Andrea, who...