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Sep 29, 2015

Today's show:

  • Awa is back with stories from W Africa 
  • Lives being changed by the power of story
  • Christian or not, the Word impacting lives

Dan, one of story4all's friends, interviews Awa. Awa, who comes from Burkina Faso, shares stories of impact as she has been using storytelling in ministry in the Church and outside...

Sep 22, 2015

Today's show:

  • A trip down under
  • A story about a 9-year old storyteller
  • Two aborigines hear a Bible story each

Bryan is just back from Australia and a family trip that also involved some ministry. Today he tells about a workshop in which a nine year old girl received training and told a story to two gentlemen old...

Sep 15, 2015

Today's show:

  • Pam Markey continues her story
  • When her husband died
  • WHere storytelling came into the picture

Pam Markey, continues her story, talking with Bryan about the joys and pain of serving on the field, especially after her husband died. The story clearly covers the amazing grace and comfort of the Lord and...

Sep 8, 2015

Today's show:


  • Missionary kid, now a missionary herself
  • Pam Markey tells her remarkable story
  • From the American Mid-West to Ukraine

Bryan interviews Pam Markey, who, in the first show of a two-part series, tells how she and her husband and their family moved to the former Soviet Union to begin a new life,...

Sep 1, 2015

Today's show:

  • Summer (Sessions) Stories
  • A 19 yr old, not fully-trained, takes a story out into the streets
  • And two other stories from Griselda

This year our Summer Sessions are a little different. We are going to share some stories about how storytelling is impacting the lives of others. This week we have three...