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Hello to story4all podcast listeners!

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Jan 26, 2016

Today's show:

  • A parable for you!
  • A story presentation of one of Jesus' parables
  • Looking at what it means today too

Bryan departs from the normal interview or reporting format of regular story4all shows to bring us a Bible story (parable of Jesus) in a presentation of story with discussion. As he has no audience in the...

Jan 19, 2016

Today's show:

 • Workshop week in Paraguay

 • Children get launched because of attendance dynamics

 • And even learn how to coach adults!

Bryan, delayed this week with the show due to travel circumstances, but comes in with some news from an exciting week in Paraguay and then in Brazil.

Links ... Simply the...

Jan 12, 2016

Today's show:

 • Our first on-the-road show!

 • News from Paraguay (on location)

Bryan is about as 'live' as it gets on location in Paraguay with this week's show and shares some things from this past week's training. He also shares some of the styles of questions he uses (from Simply the Story) to lead discussion...

Jan 5, 2016

Today's show:

  • A slave girl no more
  • How the Audio Bible changed a life in Peru
  • Reach Project launch

Bryan kicks off the year with a touching story about Vanessa, an abused girl from Peru. After the story there is also a mention of Reach Project, a new venture from Renew Outreach.

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