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Oct 30, 2007

Bryan and Yvette discuss a couple more not-to-be-missed storying resources today and introduce the first entry from a storying journal recorded by a church planter working in southern Brazil.

Resource links mentioned in today's show:

Oct 23, 2007

It's time for another resources-packed show!! Bryan and Yvette discuss today a host of tools available to help you learn more about storying the Bible chronologically as well as resources to help you enhance your storying ministry. Everything from electronic devices to training books to Power Points to films, etc. Check...

Oct 16, 2007

Bryan and Yvette chat through several topics relating to an opportunity to use storying in outreach in their local church, some feedback we have received from a listener in Brazil and the conference coming up in Orlando (Florida) in December

Don't forget the December conference in Orlando in Florida! Details...

Oct 9, 2007

The final part in the discussion Bryan and Yvette have been having about what their church might look like if it was to be geared for the oral learner.

Today the show focuses on not only relevance to oral learners but also discusses how we can involve the entire family in our church services.

Join us in the forum to...

Oct 2, 2007

Please note: This show only will have full meaning after you have heard last week's podcast. Please scroll down to hear that show first, if you did not yet listen to it yet!

As part two in our discussion Bryan and Yvette begin to brainstorm about what their church might look like if it was to be geared for the oral...