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Feb 26, 2013

Today's show:

  • Michael Forestieri
  • Orality Journal Vol 2 No. 1
  • Literacy, Orality and the Web

Bryan brings the sad announcement, at the start of the show, of the death of Michael Forestieri. On Wednesday last (20th February), shortly before 5pm, the master storyteller finished his earthly pilgrimage, dying of pancreatic...

Feb 19, 2013

Today's show:

  • Herbert in Uganda
  • Crusades and orality
  • Pray for Michael Forestieri

Herbert Buyondo founded a ministry in Uganda thirteen years ago, called Victory Covenant Ministries. It is focused on the Great Commission and bringing the Gospel to Kampala and out to the ends of the earth. Bryan interviews Herbert today...

Feb 12, 2013

Today's show:

  • Pray for Michael Forestieri and family!
  • Man of Peace ... now live!
  • Orality Journal #2 - Editorial

Bryan starts the show with the news that Michael Forestieri is fighting for his life against pancreatic cancer and with an appeal for prayer for this man and his dear family. This week we look at the new...

Feb 5, 2013

Today's show:

  • MAF and its barrier removing ministry
  • Stories in the outback
  • An interview with Regina Manley

MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) has been helping many mission agencies and organisations breaking down walls and barriers to the Gospel going remotely on the planet. On this week's show we meet Regina...