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Nov 22, 2011

Today's show:

  • Providing for a target of 884 million people
  • Water that quenches the real thirst inside
  • Opportunities to serve with hands and mouth ... orally
  • Meet Jerry Wiles of Living Water Int'l

With the world population just rolling over into 7 billion, there are 884 million people alive today who do not have access...

Nov 15, 2011

Today's show:

  • One family in Uganda
  • Ministry before and after 'story'
  • Literates and non-literates impacted

Meet Billy Coppedge, his wife Joanna and their young family, serving for several years now with World Gospel Mission in northern Uganda on the Congolese and Southern Sudanese borders. Billy tells his story from...

Nov 8, 2011

Today's show:

  • John Walsh has a new book coming out
  • ... and some unique Bible story resources
  • ... and a very exciting trip

Old friend of story4all is John Walsh, a professional storyteller, who joins us today with news about a new book, a new story project and about a trip with professional storytellers round Israel....

Nov 1, 2011

Today's show:

  • An Australian flavour
  • Graydon Colville is back
  • Global Recordings stories and news

Graydon Colville, now International Director for Global Recordings Network, shares themes, dream and stories from around the world of GRN ministry. He also tells us of some exciting and wonderful resources that are...