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Aug 30, 2016

Today's show:

  • A wee man with a depth to share in the Word
  • Waiting his turn
  • A story from Guatemala

Bryan tells the story of a child who was eagerly watching during a story presentation and awaiting (hopefully) for an opportunity to join in the discussion. The son of a janitor had some things to share deeply from...

Aug 23, 2016

Today's show:

  • A three year old deals with a hard heart
  • A man meets with some healing at the rock 
  • ION is just around the corner!

Bryan continuing his training visit to The Netherlands brings us stories from the events being held there and also about a three year old who met with Jesus in his family bathroom. Also, get...

Aug 16, 2016

Today's show:

  • The toothless grin
  • That face in Guatemala
  • Lives impacted by the Holy Spirit through storytelling

Bryan, once more mobile, and in The Netherlands, shares stories about how he has seen God impacting lives worldwide through story and how this impact was revealed on people's faces. A shorter show this week...

Aug 9, 2016

Today's show:

  • A homeless man story
  • A modern day leper meets Jesus
  • A storyteller melted by his own story

Bryan, recording from California, tells stories from Guatemala.

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Aug 2, 2016

Today's show:

  • Training stories and fun in Guatemala
  • Stories from USA
  • Children and grown ups impacted by story

Bryan, recording from Guatemala, tells stories about storytelling and training events in Central and North America on the past couple of weeks.

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