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Oct 27, 2015

Today's show:

  • MegaVoice players
  • A review of the Envoy and Envoy Dual players
  • Review, stories and more

Bryan diverges from the normal flow of interview to give us a review on two new devices from MegaVoice - the Envoy and Envoy Dual solar-powered audio players. Hear all about these remarkable little devices and how you...

Oct 20, 2015

Today's show:

  • Eunice from Zambia uses stories far from home
  • ... and trains others how to do the same
  • Stories of an African missionary in a restricted access nation

story4all 'correspondent in the field' Dan interviews Eunice, from Zambia, who tells him about how she has been using storytelling to reach prisoners, to...

Oct 13, 2015

Today's show:

  • It's Koffi, not coffee!
  • A man from Benin using Bible stories in Mercy Ships
  • Hospital situations, dining-room and with ship's crew all over

Dan joins us again this week and shares an interview with Koffi Govi, a chaplain on board the Mercy Ship Africa Mercy, currently docked and ministering in Madagascar....

Oct 6, 2015

Today's show:

  • Becky tells stories of impact from Central Asia
  • People coming to Jesus through story
  • Stories of how stories are helping disciples make disciples

Dan joins us on story4all once again this week and interviews Becky about her use of storytelling in ministry. Thrilling stories of outreach and...