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Hello to story4all podcast listeners!

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Jan 28, 2014

Today's show:

  • A story from a Thai islander called Uu
  • How Uu and other hidden peoples can be reached with the Good News
  • The work of Global Recordings Network (GRN) and what they do

We have often had Global Recordings Network friends join us in the past. This week we hear a story about a man, who would have been cut...

Jan 21, 2014

Today's show:

  • Science shows how we are wired for stories!
  • How storytelling impacts our brains and physically how we engage with stories
  • The plan of God to impact us with His Story

Bryan has been doing some research about storytelling and the impact it has on us physically, mentally and in other ways. He shares today...

Jan 14, 2014

Today's show:

  • story4all Magazine is "live" on iTunes
  • How to access and consume this magazine
  • How to view the magazine on multiple devices

On Christmas morning 2013 the story4all Magazine "app" went "live" in the iTunes store and within days the first (January) issue of the magazine was also available for download and...

Jan 7, 2014

Today's show:

  • Old order Amish background man shares about his faith
  • How this man discovers the power of storytelling
  • Story in family, church and the work place!

Emmanuel Esh joins Bryan on story4all today and he discusses his "old order Amish" background and his coming to know Jesus. He also discusses how he...