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Feb 24, 2009

Today's show:

  • Bryan & Yvette discuss how to evaluate your storytelling presentations
  • Listener feedback from Keith
  • A story from India

Links mentioned in today's show:

Feb 17, 2009

Today's show:

  • Bringing the Story to Muslims in Africa
  • After 17 years and one convert, 30 come to Jesus after two hours of story!
  • Listen to Richard's story among a people hostile to the Gospel

Larry Dinkins (see Show #139) told me about his friend Richard and the result is today's show, in which Richard tells about his...

Feb 10, 2009

Today's show:

  • Discussing how to do pre- and post-story dialogue
  • Second part in our two-part series

Yvette and Bryan return to the discussion on how you do pre- and post-story dialogue. This was one of the questions from the mailbag, sent in from listeners to the show. Today they discuss important "bringing it home"...

Feb 3, 2009

Today's show:

  • Storytelling in the jungles of the Philippines
  • Veteran missionary Marianne Chiong tells her story
  • What happened next

Bryan meets Marianne Chiong and hears how this experienced Wycliffe Bible Translator has ministered with her family in the Philippines jungle for 27 years and how God has multiplied...