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Hello to story4all podcast listeners!

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Feb 25, 2014

Today's show:

  • How discussion after storytelling can be powerful
  • Allowing discussion to have its work with our hearts
  • Dealing with characters in discussion times

Bryan walks us through thoughts on how discussion can be so powerful and vital in helping listeners to a story discover and own truth. He looks at three...

Feb 18, 2014

Today's show:

  • Resources, resources, resources!
  • Get equipped with simple stuff to share the Gospel easily on mission trips or outreach!
  • Cell phone ministry, films, solar-powered equipment and more!

Renew World Outreach is no stranger to story4all podcast! We have talked about their ministry before, but it has been a...

Feb 11, 2014

Today's show:

  • A story from cattle herders in Africa
  • Oral newspapers
  • Looking at

This week we are bringing you two stories about storytelling from remote parts of the world. One from Africa and one from Asia. They are found on the OralityStrategies/org web site and together other stories...

Feb 4, 2014

Today's show:

  • Great storytelling resource this week
  • Flannelgraph like your grandmother has never seen!
  • Jon Melin and his flannelgraph in flannel and digital formats

Bryan talks about his friend Jon Melin's wonderful products and storytelling resources on this week's show. story4all may refer to stories "not just being...