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Jul 25, 2006

On today's show we begin a focus on MegaVoice:

  1. A basic introduction to the MegaVoice ministry
  2. A sample audio clip (called The Story of Jesus)
  3. A story from Nepal about how The God Story Project used MegaVoice in that country
  4. Bryan raves about the MegaVoice "fixed message" players
  5. An interview with MegaVoice CEO Jim...

Jul 18, 2006

On today's show:

  1. An Oral Bible

Continuing on in the Following Jesus CD series, Marcus Vegh, Avery Willis, JO Terry, Grant Lovejoy and Jim Slack discuss and explore the matter of an Oral Bible.

To purchase your copy of the Following Jesus CD series visit the IMB Bookshop

Send your audio comments, feedback or...

Jul 11, 2006

On today's show:

  1. Discussion on Oral Communicators and Oral Culture

Bryan and Yvette continue looking at the book Making Disciples of Oral Learners and they discuss Oral Communicators and Oral Culture, which is the topic of chapter three in the book

Referred to in the programme are web sites about NALS (National Adult...

Jul 4, 2006

On today's show:

  1. Indian story about the Khond people (J.O. Terry)
  2. Final part in the interview with Marcus Vegh & Avery Willlis

In the third and final story from J.O. Terry we learn today how Bible storying impacts the Khond people

The third, and final part of the interview with Marcus Vegh of Progressive Vision and...