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Feb 13, 2007

On today's show:

  • Gospel Recordings Network - long-time ministers to Oral Learners round the world!
  • An interview with USA Directors of Mobilisation, Guy & Jan Piersall and with Australia National Director Graydon Colville
  • Concludes with two exciting stories of GRN's storying ministry

Graydon, Guy and Jan talk with Bryan about the work and ministry of Global Recordings Network, telling stories from the early days as well as highlighting current "hot off the press" stories of God moving in exciting ways through this wonderful ministry. They tell of short-term opportunities (see links below) and also list some prayer requests for our listeners to bring to the Lord in their personal times of prayer and intercession.

Links from today's interview:

Check out some links about short-term outreach possibilities and see what has happened on previous GRN short-term trips. Want to be a part of changing history in the nations? Contact GRN for this year's plans ...

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Enjoy this show and don't forget to explore the jam-packedGlobal Recordings Network website!! Check out if they have a work in your country and see what they're doing!