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Dec 15, 2009

Today's show:

  • From abuse to Glory - the story of John Affleck
  • Bryan talks to John a little about his life and the amazing story of The Glory Story

John Affleck, from England, with an angry, violent, hopeless past, tells how God took hold of him and brought him to the place of getting deeply into the Bible and the Story of God. This is the story behind The Glory Story - an overview of the Bible in just over 2 hours on 2 DVDs (Old Testament and New Testament) - teaching the Bible as one Story.

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Allan Lee
thirteen and a half years ago

To see a sample of a Bible story video in a minority language of Mexico (Copala Triqui) made using some of the Glory Story pictures click on the following link:
An advantage of this approach as opposed to the conventional approach of dubbing movies already in existence is that one can give priority to the script, record it, and then create the movie to match the soundtrack instead of having to truncate the script to fit the scenes. It is also low-budget. A native speaker and I translated the script, we recorded it on my laptop in my office and then I created the movie with a video editing program worth about $80.