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Aug 21, 2007

We continue our summer conversations with a team of orality specialists and experts. Today discussion focuses on choosing your story collection in the light of your worldview research.

The specialists conversing in this CD series are:

  • Marcus Vegh - President of Progressive Vision an international digital publishing ministry focused on producing resources for discipling nations in strategic languages of the world. He is the producer of the audio series and leads with interview questions in the quoted segment on today's episode.
  • Avery Willis - President of the International Orality Network - was on our first podcast. He has served as a missionary for 14 years in Indonesia, and is loved and known the world over for his classic book and process of discipleship entitled Master Life
  • Jim Slack is Global Evangelism and Church Growth Consultant/Analyst in the Department of Research at the International Mission Board (IMB). He has had 25 years of missionary service in the Philippines, including church planting consultation with 18 evangelical groups throughout Asia and has done doctoral research on orality and literacy.
  • Grant Lovejoy has taught on storying in more than twenty countries and has been a keynote speaker at international conferences on orality. A storying-based leadership training process that he helped develop is in use in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. He has also taught preaching and Chronological Bible Storying at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas.
  • J.O. Terry Up until recently Senior Media Consultant in SE Asia with more than three decades of field ministry experience. He and Jim Slack of been pioneer developers of Chronological Bible Storying for the past fifteen years.
  • Mark Snowden Up until recently he worked with the IMB and is a trainer for Chronological Bible Storying
  • Steve Evans Communications, Appropriate Media Consultant and Trainer for Chronological Bible Storying
  • S.O. Guy A Christian working in China and using Chronological Bible Storying among the Mandarin speaking Han Chinese

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The CD series entitled Following Jesus - Making Disciples of Primary Oral Learners, can be found online at a specially reduced price here. Today's show is from the introduction CD in the series.

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