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Jan 9, 2007

Today's episode:

  • Amazing multiplication of churches in India
  • An interview with Alex Saks of HCJB Radio about The Story of the Messiah

South Indian missionary of 32 years, and author of 10 missionary titles, SD Ponraj, the General Secretary of the Bihar OutReach Network (BORN), talks to Bryan about his work in Northern India and how in 15 years they have baptised 40,000 believers and planted 3000 churches! Ponraj also talks about the training and methodology used to prepare storying church planters.

Alex Saks, Director of Broadcasting Relations of HCJB Radio discusses how HCJB is involved in the project to produce and distribute The Story of the Messiah in a number of languages worldwide. He also discusses orality in N America today and the need for oral presentation of the Gospel.�

Links from today's interview:

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