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Aug 22, 2006

Today's podcast concludes our three-part series on Orality and Cultural Christianity.

This final part of the message wraps up the message and points out its implications for reaching and discipling oral learners the world over.

This message is not just for those working in foreign lands or going out as missionaries, but can be easily applied in our local contexts where Jesus has placed us to minister and share His Word.

The speaker, Jim Slack, an oraliy specialist and the Global Evangelism and Church Growth Consultant/Analyst in the Department of Research at the International Mission Board (IMB). He has had 25 years of missionary service in the Philippines, including church planting consultation with 18 evangelical groups throughout Asia and has done doctoral research on orality and literacy.

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We hope that you enjoyed this series and found it helpful. Join us again next week as Yvette returns from her break and we return to our normal format of stories about stories changing nations and bring you news, interviews and information from around the world!