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Jun 27, 2006

Today's episode:

  1. J.O. Terry tells another story from Bangladesh
  2. Part two of that exciting interview with Marcus Vegh & Avery Willlis

As last week J.O. Terry tells a story from one of his Bible Storying sessions in Bangladesh. This week he tells the story of a non-literate woman (with quite a memory!).

Harold Hendrick, of the Bott Radio Network continues the interview with Marcus Vegh of Progressive Vision and Avery Willis of the International Orality Network in a discussion about Marcus' illness as it relates to the global need for oral communication among the remaining unreached.

The Marcus Vegh letter mentioned in the show has now been removed from the Progressive Vision website. It has been replaced by an update on Marcus which can be read here.

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Enjoy the show! Don't miss the third and final episode of the Marcus Vegh and Avery Willis interview!