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Jun 20, 2006

On today's show:

  1. J.O. Terry tells a story from Bangladesh
  2. First part of an interview with Marcus Vegh & Avery Willlis

J.O. Terry, recently retired from the IMB has conducted over 135 Bible Storying training sessions, mostly among rural and other oral communicators in Asia. Today he tells a story from one of those sessions he gave in Bangladesh.

Harold Hendrick, of the Bott Radio Network station KSIV in St Louis, Missouri, USA, interviewed, for the Encounter programme aired on 25th May 2006, Marcus Vegh of Progressive Vision and Avery Willis of the International Orality Network in a discussion relating the global need for oral communication to the remaining unreached.

Today we play the first part (of three) to that interview. The clip helps introduce these valiant servants of the Lord and shows their heart that beats after the Lord of Harvest, and for the knowledge of His glory to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

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