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Jul 22, 2008

Today's show:

  • Storytelling by accident!
  • Jim Bowman tells his story
  • Reaching remote non-literates with the Gospel

Jim Bowman, director of Scriptures in Use, in the first of our International Orality Network conference addresses, tells the story of how he and his wife, Carla, began reaching out to the Tarahumara people in N Mexico. How do you reach a remote non-literate group who do not have a value for reading and education like you? How do people discover the message of the Bible without reading? How do we stop stories being distorted over time? These and more questions are in Jim's story today.

Links from today's show:

  • Scriptures in Use site
  • Scriptures in Use 20th Anniversary special newsletter
  • Wikipedia write up about the Tarahumara people

Training this week with Scriptures in Use near Louisville, Kentucky!!. Check out our Calendar for details on training this month or click here for specifics on how to register. Hurry!

Pick of the Week:

The Story of God booklet - see picture. This little resource is a handy tool to have nearby when you're stuck in the doctor's office or waiting for a bus somewhere. 105 drawings in a wonderful little 3" x 4" booklet allow you to chronologically story through the Bible in one or more easy sittings. Check it out! This wonderful evangelistic picture book can help even the most shy among us share the Good News of Jesus with the lost!

It's not too late to sign up and register for the International Orality Network in Dallas this September (15th-18th). Details here.

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