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Dec 26, 2007

A Happy/Merry Christmas to all our listeners

Today we take a break from the normal full content of our weekly show and allow Bill Perry to share a story called "A little boy's lunch".

Bill Perry is Chief of Staff and Director of Training Materials of Interface. Interface has its website here

Please send us your audio...

Dec 18, 2007

Today's show:

Yvette is back with Bryan again today and they discuss the pile of new resources fresh in from the recent conference on orality in Orlando. Bryan also shares some great stories and news flowing from the week in Florida.

Links from today's episode:

  • Simply the Story document online here
  • Talking Bibles site

Dec 11, 2007

Today's show:

Bramuel Musya joins Bryan again today in Orlando as they report on the orality conference in Florida and discuss highlights from the programme and time together.

Links from today's episode:

  • Keep an eye on our calendar for listings of upcoming training and other events
  • Check here for more details on

Dec 4, 2007

Today's show:

  • Bryan is on the road and in Florida
  • Bryan & Bramuel Musya host today's show about the exciting things going on this week at the Orlando orality conference and continue the theme of recent weeks on the Simply the Story (STS) concepts.

Bramuel Musya stands in for Yvette this week and discusses with Bryan...