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Sep 12, 2017

Today's show:

  • Wonderful new resources from MegaVoice
  • Exciting new developments to really enhance audio ministry
  • How God is deeply touching refugees in dark places

Bryan catches up with Darrel Templeton of MegaVoice to hear about some great new resources and upgrades on ministry tools provided by that organisation....

Sep 5, 2017

Today's show:

  • A "live" demo of a story presentation
  • A group of storytellers and instructors discuss a 'Jesus story'
  • Jesus and the Storm

A gathering of instructors and storytellers with Simply the Story over the summer in California was the occasion for the story presentation we bring to you today. Enjoy this story...

Aug 29, 2017

Today's show:

  • Remote in far eastern Czechia (Czech Republic)
  • Stories from storytelling in a huge music festival
  • And from a large congregation of Moravian Brethren

Travelling and involved in ministry in the Czech Republic, Bryan brings some stories about storytelling at a big festival and then in a local church with a...

Aug 22, 2017

Today's show:

  • Stories work among literates in Europe too
  • Wycliffe director for Slovakia tells about discovering the power of story
  • And personally how he has used stories with effect himself

Bryan chats with Jaroslav Tomašovský, Director for Wycliffe Slovakia, and hears how he discovered the power of storytelling...

Aug 15, 2017

Owing to technical difficulties and travel challenges story4all apologises for any inconvenience caused in the lack of a show this week. We expect to be on the air again next week. Your prayers and friendship are appreciated.

Meantime, you may really appreciate the interview that I managed to do with Bryan Entzminger on...