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Dec 2, 2008

Today's show:

  • Part two of the interview with Andrea
  • More practical stories about the use of stories to disciple and reach others

Part two of our interview with Andrea from Simply the Story. This week she concludes with more exciting stories about how she has used storytelling to reach others and how the Lord uses storytelling round the globe!

Links mentioned in today's show:

Pick of the Week:

Simply the Story Handbook. The "guts" of the STS training in printed format! This resource is the practical step by step walk-through of the STS technique. Discover the vital ingredients of this unique and innovative programme. Learn how to find treasures in Bible stories and how to lead others in practical, deep discussion about what is happening in the story as well as how to vividly apply the truth in the story to your and others' lives.

Don't miss this STS training opportunity in the USA in December! Between 9th and 13th December in Portland, Oregon, Simply the Story is offering a training that you will not want to miss if you have any opportunity to attend! Details about this training (cost, exact location, etc.) can be found by contacting Carrie by email or by phone: 503 995 6793 (in the USA).

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