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Dec 5, 2006

On today's show:

  • John Walsh, storyteller, talks to Bryan about his story, how to learn stories and tells a story from the Bible
  • Learn all about your story pool and how it affects the way you see things!!
  • Learn more through resources offered on John's website!

John Walsh is a great Bible storyteller and is President of the Christian Storytelling Network and International Learning Solutions. His passion is to help others discover the power of stroytelling and teaching others how to do it more effectively. He travels round the world, training pastors, missionaries, teachers and business professionals how to tell stories. His books (see links below for further detail) include The Art of Storytelling and Bible Teaching.

Links from today's interview:

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Enjoy this interview with one of America's top storytellers! Stay subscribed for more great stories from around the world about how stories are changing nations. Interviews, discussion, resources and stories all here on story4all's weekly podcast.