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Jan 3, 2012

Today's show:

  • David Palusky and cool resources!
  • Kitting your short-term team out for the remote outreach
  • Equipment and gadgets for short- and long-term ministry

David Palusky, Founder and Director of Renew World Outreach, is back with us today, sharing some of the marvellous tools that God has given him to produce and make available to the Body of Christ so that ministers of the Gospel can better tell "the Story". Discover how you can uniquely equip your short-term outreach or your long-term missionaries with powerful, durable devices that help communicate the Word of God in places with or without electricity.

Links ... Renew World Outreach web site ... Testimonies from Renew World Outreach ... Renew's Vista systems ... David Garrison's book "Church Planting Movements"

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