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Oct 20, 2009

Today's show:

  • See it on video!
  • Bryan & Yvette discuss Professional Storyteller John Walsh's new weekly vodcast
  • An interview with John Walsh with exciting ministry updates!

Some of our listeners have asked to SEE storytelling. Being an audio ministry we cannot provide that, but John Walsh has just launched a new project that does exactly that: shows Bible storytelling in video. At the recent International Orality Network conference in Minnesota, Bryan caught up with John, and discussed his new "Bibletelling Story of the Week" vodcast (video podcast). Apart from this new resource that John is making available free of charge, he has several other resources on hand and in the pipeline. Join us listening to today's show to hear more!

Links mentioned in the show:

  • Subscribe to Bibletelling Story of the Week in iTunes
  • Bibletelling Story of the Week web site
  • Learn more about John's work here

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