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Nov 20, 2007

Today's show:

  • Bryan interviews Stephen Young, serving as a storying church planter in Brazil
  • Bryan and Stephen discuss Simply the Story, a document about a great new training programme for learning how to be an effective biblical storyteller.

With Yvette absent this week, Bryan gets hold of Stephen Young in Brazil, via Skype, who tells his story of how he ended up in Brazil as a church planter now using storying to reach the rural and oral lost in S Brazil. Stephen talks of his deafness and the challenges he has had with progressive hearing disorder. This is a fascinating story which Stephen tells with much humility.

Let's pray for Stephen that the progressive disorder will be stopped and that God will work a miracle with his hearing!

In the second part of the show Bryan and Stephen review this exciting new resource produced by The God's Story Project entitled Simply the Story. This training is a remarkable simple, no-fuss approach to learning how to tell the story of the Bible in a powerful way, one that God is using all around the globe!

Links from today's episode:

  • Read the document discussed today online here
  • Or download it here to read your own copy offline
  • Check out training opportunities with Simply the Story here
  • Or keep an eye on our calendar of events here.
  • Check out Stephen's storying blog/journal here

Please note: Audio version of the book Making Disicples of Oral Learners is NOW AVAILABLE here. This is an incredible bargain! Think who you can share this with at Christmas!

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