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Nov 13, 2007

Today's show:

  • Bryan & Yvette talk about storying projects in their church
  • Bryan talks again to Dean and Debbie Lundberg of YWAM OneStory.

Bryan and Yvette tell of storying going on in various ministries within their local church: kids, youth and adults. They describe what happened on Sunday in Sunday school and talk of some long-term training and storying projects that have just begun.

In the second part of the show we bring you the second part of the two-part show on YWAM OneStory. The first part was a little while ago in show number 58!! Today Dean and Debbie Lundberg tell some of the stories that have been happening as a result of YWAM OneStory training round the world.

Links from today's episode:

Please note: Audio version of the book Making Disicples of Oral Learners is NOW AVAILABLE here. This is an incredible bargain! Think who you can share this with at Christmas!

A glossary of YWAM terms:

  • DTS = Discipleship Training School - YWAM's 5-month entry candidate school
  • SBS = School of Biblical Studies - a 9-month long training in Bible
  • SOFM = School of Frontier Missions - a 5-month long training to prepare church planters for cross-cultural ministry
  • SOSM = School of Strategic Missions - a 6-month training on worldview, community development and recognising seasons and how to 'do missions' in ways that adapt to those seasons.
  • FCD = Foundations in Community Development - a 5- or 6-month training focused on seeing biblical transformation in communities both spiritually and physically
  • i

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