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Aug 8, 2006

Today's show begins a three-part series on Cultural Christianity.

The message on this podcast opens up a whole pattern of thought about how worldview effects our beliefs.

We expect this series to lay the foundation for future shows on the subject of worldview, and how oral (storying) methods are essential for a person's core foundations to be fully impacted with the Gospel of the Kingdom and for disciples to be made among oral learners.

The speaker is Jim Slack, who is the Global Evangelism and Church Growth Consultant/Analyst in the Department of Research at the International Mission Board (IMB). He has had 25 years of missionary service in the Philippines, including church planting consultation with 18 evangelical groups throughout Asia and has done doctoral research on orality and literacy.

The book authored by Jonathan Kozol, mentioned in the show, can be obtained here: "Illiterate America".

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Enjoy the show and don't miss next week's continuation of this key message on "Cultural Christianity".