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Hello to story4all podcast listeners!

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Dec 31, 2013

Today's show:

  • Happy New Year!
  • A 4-year old storyteller on this week's show!
  • The story of Jonah, chapters one and two

Daniel, the four-year old grandson of the founder of Simply the Story, tells the story of Jonah (chapters one and two - all 27 verses) on this week's podcast. Enjoy this short show that brings to an end...

Dec 24, 2013

Today's show:

  • Happy Christmas to all our listeners!
  • Bryan shares some stories from storytelling experiences

Wishing all our listeners a very Happy Christmas and blessed Christmas season! A shorter one this week with a couple of storytelling experiences Bryan had in Europe.

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Dec 17, 2013

Today's show:

  • More storytelling from the field
  • Jackson and Andrea share a Bible story
  • Int'l Orality Network conference storytelling session

Andrea and Jackson carry on from last week with a Bible story presentation and discussion as well as comments about how such story ministry has been used round the world. Join us...

Dec 10, 2013

Today's show:

  • Storytellers tell their stories
  • Jackson and Andrea at ION tell stories about storytelling
  • Storytelling in action round the globe

A two-part series on storytellers telling their stories about storytelling. The event took place in the International Orality Network conference in 2012. Enjoy some of these...

Dec 3, 2013

Today's show:

  • Nigerian man learns storytelling from the Internet
  • And then teaches others to use story
  • A Nigerian church multiplication minstry through storytelling

Bryan talks this week to Daniel Ozoko from Nigeria. This is a remarkable young man who is a pastor and mission agency leader. He went on the Internet and...