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Dec 29, 2009

Today's show:

  • Campus Crusade's Storyrunners
  • Bryan talks to Jon about his training and consulting role in S Asia

Links mentioned in the show:

Keep an eye on our calendar for some exciting training events coming to a place near...

Dec 22, 2009

Today's show:

  • Christmas wackiness
  • The balloon guy at ION
  • Not just stories, but proverbs!
  • Bryan tries to beat Dorothy Miller in storytelling!

Despite our light-hearted show today, we sincerely wish all our listeners a very happy/merry Christmas and pray that 2010 will be a year filled with His presence in your life,...

Dec 15, 2009

Today's show:

  • From abuse to Glory - the story of John Affleck
  • Bryan talks to John a little about his life and the amazing story of The Glory Story

John Affleck, from England, with an angry, violent, hopeless past, tells how God took hold of him and brought him to the place of getting deeply into the Bible and the...

Dec 8, 2009

Today's show:

  • Morgan Jackson is back
  • Exciting stories from around the world

Morgan Jackson tells about how Faith Comes By Hearing in partnership with other organisations and mission agencies are seeing the Gospel reach the remote and non-literate peoples of the world in ever-increasing speed. Encouraging stuff about...

Dec 1, 2009

Today's show:

  • Stories that release healing power
  • Dorothy Miller shares about people who believe the stories they learn and what happens as a result
  • Bryan and Yvette discuss forming a mindset of expectancy

A shorter show this week, but one that encourages us to REALLY apply God's Word to our lives today! Join us as...