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Hello to story4all podcast listeners!

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Dec 30, 2008

story4all would like to wish our listeners a very happy New Year!

Today's show:

  • A testimony of determination to take ministry to oral learners
  • Larry Dinkins tells his story of discovering the need for oral communication ...
  • ... and how hard it was for him personally

Link mentioned in today's show:

  • Simply the Story

Dec 23, 2008

We all at story4all would like to wish our listeners and web site visitors a very Happy Christmas!

Today's show:

  • Church Planting Multiplication through storytelling!
  • Morgan Jackson is back with exciting stories on how God is discipling oral learners through His Word
  • The Bible by text message!
  • Where you can get multiple...

Dec 16, 2008

Today's show:

  • Out & About - Stories about storytelling
  • Training opportunities coming up locally (for some!)
  • A little matter of a pink elephant!

Continuing our theme about discussing the how-to of storytelling techniques, Bryan shares about some recent experiences from the past month. An enthusiastic house group in...

Dec 9, 2008

Today's show:

  • Getting into technique
  • Learning a 10-verse Bible story in 10 minutes
  • ... Even when you don't read!

Going on some of your feedback Bryan & Yvette get into some of the "how tos" of storytelling. Today they discuss possible new directions for the show in the coming year and then discuss how you can learn...

Dec 2, 2008

Today's show:

  • Part two of the interview with Andrea
  • More practical stories about the use of stories to disciple and reach others

Part two of our interview with Andrea from Simply the Story. This week she concludes with more exciting stories about how she has used storytelling to reach others and how the Lord uses...