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Jan 29, 2013

Today's show:

  • The Bible for Natve Americans
  • A church planted in three days of outreach!
  • The use of story on short-term mission trips

This week we have a two-part show. In part one Bryan gives an update on Terry and Darlene Wildman and their current project to deliver a version of the Bible that phrases the narrative in a way that relates to English speaking First Nations people. In Part Two we pick up on something that Ray Neu said last week which is the use of story on short-term mission trips. Bryan tells the story of a 3-day missions trip to Mexico with 45 (non-Spanish speaking) teens and twenty-somethings, who end up planting a church of 60 people who numbered 100 a year later.

Links ... Rainsong Ministries web site ... Sample of the FNV text ... Donate to the FNV project here ... "Native" (Wildman interview) here

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