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Aug 17, 2010

Today's show:

  • Truth That Sticks Part 2 - conclusion to Avery's talk

Avery Willis, who passed away on 30th July, and who was the Executive Director of the International Orality Network, gave a passionate talk in 2008, entitled "Truth That Sticks".  In tribute to Avery's marvellous work for the Orality Movement and the legacy he leaves behind in so many fields around the globe, we are taking this week and the last to play that talk to you.  We trust that you will be encouraged, blessed and inspired by this message.

Links from today's show:

  • Avery Willis' web site
  • International Orality Network web site
  • Order Avery's book: Truth That Sticks
  • Simply the Story training in Acworth, GA (24-29th September): more info
  • Simply the Story training in Grand Rapids, GA (27th Sept - 1 Oct AND 8-12th Nov): more info

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