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Jun 29, 2010



 Today's show:

  • J.O. Terry concludes his story about his journey into storytelling

J.O. Terry, IMB missionary in Asia, retired, and formative thinker and authority in the orality movement, tells his story today on his journey into orality and what areas he feels in oral communication are vital.  This is the concluding part to his talk, continuing with interesting life stories of impact from his time in various Asian countries and his encounter with oral learners and cultures there.

Important Announcement:

For some time now we have had a blog, a stories page and forum, among other things.  These areas of the site have all served their purpose, and, due to a recent external supplier 'tech' hitch, adjustments to keep these areas in the site are going to be time consuming.  After prayer we have felt we need to remove these pages for reasons of lack of activity and use.  Apart from that spammers are having a hey-day on the forum!  We feel we need to streamline the site and return to our original vision of podcast and pointing people to other ministries involved in storytelling and oral communication.  In the course of the summer we shall be adjusting the site accordingly and would appreciate your patience as we move into how we feel story4all can effectively continue to serve the Body of Christ and the orality movement through its podcast and web site. Thanks for your understanding.

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