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Aug 12, 2008

On today's episode of story4all Timothy Olonade, Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association, gives us some outside-of-the-box and inspiring teaching that is peppered with stories from his experiences in, and the cultures of, Africa.

A different show this week as we continue our Summer Sessions of talks from recent International Orality Network conferences. The original title of this message is "The Dynamics of Reaching People Groups in Africa".

Pick of the Week:

Continuing the theme of presenting The Story of God to others in our recent picks of the week Bible Pictures CD is a compact disc with 105 chronological Bible teaching pictures - both colour and black and white line drawings - PC and Mac compatible, which can be used for electronic presentations to groups.

It's not too late to sign up and register for the International Orality Network in Dallas this September (15th-18th). Details here. STS training right after it too! Details here

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