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Jun 3, 2008

Today's show:

  • Interview with Indian national church planters Yashwant and Monika Paul
  • Stories about storying throughout the whole sub-continent
  • Making Disciples of Oral Learners - audio version

Meet a young couple from India who passionately love their country and want to reach the whole nation for Jesus! Yash & Monika Paul join Bryan today talking about the ways God is moving in India through storying, and how training is such a vital key to harvest.

Please note: Yash and Monika were arrested on false charges by Hindu extremists shortly after recording this interview! We are trying to find out an update on their situation and will post it via the podcast and website (blog or on next week's Show Notes). Meantime, please be in prayer for their safe keeping and continuing ministry in their land of India.

Links mentioned in today's show:

Pick of the Week:

Making Disciples of Oral Learners - audio version. This audio book is a nice companion piece to the Making Disciples of Oral Learners paperback book. The audio book includes the contents of the entire print version of the book, plus some additional resources: video footage about oral strategies being used around the world, video from the "Finishing the Task" conference, an audio testimony from Steve Douglass, the president of Campus Crusade, International, and other audio resources.

Did you miss the links to the outstanding free storying resources mentioned last week?!? There are manuals in English and French on how-to story, etc., and some 11 storying sessions all laid out ready to use! Check the links in Show Notes 108 ...

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Stephen M Young II
almost eleven years ago

The date on the link about the arrest is January 28th. It\'s been 4 months, so hopefully we can get some news soon. Here is a link to a blog entry about it with more information

bryan thompson
almost eleven years ago

Thanks for this link, Stephen. VERY helpful. I will include it in the notes for today\'s show!!