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May 27, 2008

Today's show:

  • Interview with veteran IMB missionary LaNette Thompson
  • Stories about storying in West Africa
  • The Ancient Path
  • Cool download materials for you!

LaNette Thompson joins Bryan today in discussion about her work in W Africa. LaNette and her husband, Marvin, are Apprentice Program Coordinators in W Africa for the International Mission Board. Hear about their journey as experienced missionaries into Bible storying. Listen to a story illustrating a natural way to story in everyday life!

And don't miss the fabulous links below to some outstanding free storying resources! There are manuals in English and French on how-to story, etc., and some 11 storying sessions all laid out ready to use! Check the links now ...

Links from today's show:

Pick of the Week:

The Ancient Path A cool DVD set in English, French and Spanish that demonstrates how oral learners learn and a CD in three languages jam-packed with training resources on orality and storying.

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