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Jul 17, 2007

Continuing our summer conversations with a team of orality specialists and experts, today's discussion centres round:

  • the use of appropriate technology for reaching out to Primary Oral Learners (POLs),
  • the number of languages employed among POLs and, lastly,
  • a discussion on whether the authority of the Canon of Scripture is compromised when oral methods are employed to reach those who do not read or write.

Page down to see details on the specialists, who they are, and where their areas of expertise lie. The Show Notes below for podcast numbers 61 and 62 give a full list.

The CD series entitled Following Jesus - Making Disciples of Primary Oral Learners, can be found online at a specially reduced price here. Today's show is from the introduction CD in the series and as promised we are revisiting this material, some of which was touched on during podcasts in our first year of existence.

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We hope you enjoy today's show and will continue to join us throughout the summer as we continue to learn how to make disciples of oral learners.