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May 15, 2007

Today's show:

Dr. Pam Arlund, Director of CPx (Church Planting Experience) talks with Bryan about this radical church planting training experience.

George Patterson, author of Church Planting Guide and veteran church planter of many years experience, has said of this course, "The word 'experience' is more than a word in a title. You will experience vital dynamics of church life, discipling and multiplication by interacting with instructors, staff and fellow trainees. You will receive ogoing mentoring as long as you need it to see churches multiply in the new testament way".

Experienced cross-cultural church planter, Dr. Arlund, tells part of her story from living for a decade in a remote, restricted access area of the world, and shares why storying is so important to her and the CPx training programme.

Are you looking for training to "tell the story" and plant churches overseas or at home? Look no further than this exciting training course that runs annually in Kansas City and South Africa! Check it out at CPx (Church Planting Experience) in Kansas City or here for the South African course

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